How to use Hugging Face🤗& Gradio to create simple Machine Learning (ML) projects

Access to educational resources on AI/ML is quite plentiful over the web nowadays. One can find free tutorials, courses or paid ones quite easily. While most want to dive deep into AI and understand its basic blocks, some just want to tinker around with some applications. And those who only want to just try out […]

On Facial Recognition Technology Adoption in Mauritius

This post is simply an informative piece and has no political bearing. With the implementation of the SafeCity Project in Mauritius comes the adoption of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), and as per a local newspaper, FRT implementation is undergoing tests. Discussion with other people on FRT has made me realised that while people are adamant that FRT is […]

Real-time Image Captioning with Attention Mechanism

Imaging you’re taking a picture of something in front of you – you pause to look at the picture and process the visual information in that picture cognitively. This is done to understand what’s in the picture. What if we wanted to automatically give a context or a tag to a picture? We can train […]